Survivors Speaking For A Change - the book


The aim of the "Survivors Speaking For A Change" book is to enable victims and survivors to see and believe that there can be a better day. It is also suitable for those wishing to understand more about domestic violence and abuse as a gendered phenomenon involving power and control.

Karen Ingala Smith co-creator of The Femicide Census and CEO of nia, agreed to write the foreword in the book. This is a quote from her that appears on the cover:

‘This book joins that proud history of women supporting women.  Women remembering those days before they told anyone, before they  could see a way out or a future in which they felt safe, secure and happy and have reached out to others who may be in a similar position to offer hope. It is written for women in violent and abusive relationships by the most important experts, those who have been there themselves. Women creating change for women, one woman at a time’.Karen Ingala Smith (Co creator with Women’s Aid of The Femicide Census and CEO of nia*)

The first print run of the book - published by ‘Big White Shed’ - was funded by the National Lottery, and as such was made available free, to a wide selection of Nottinghamshire victims and survivors of DVA.

The book is now on general sale, and you can buy it from Five Leaves bookshop in Nottingham, and News From Nowhere bookshop in Liverpool, or order it directly from us by emailing us at  
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